Step to follow

        Take a picture of your smile

        Describe your dream smile or desired changes

        Watch your video* and make an appointment

*You will be able to view a confidential video from a qualified dentist within 24 hours.

Take a good photo of your face

See how to take a good photo of your face with your phone, tablet, computer or camera.

Keep your camera at a long distance

Keep your camera steady

Use natural light

Use a frontal view of you alone

First step

Second step


Here is an example of a smile simulation presented in a clinic thanks to Getursmile services.

  • Getursmile dentists

    Our qualified dentists will use
    3D digital scan to design
    your new-look

    An innovation that prevent dentist to use
    putty in your mouth.

    You will be referred to a dentist member in your area.
    dentist member in your area.

  • Thousands of smiles have been changed thanks to
    the most advanced aesthetic system in the world.